“Living Faith”

Living faith is the equivalent of our living Saviour, Jesus Christ.  He ever lives, and He lives inside of us, the believers.  With "living faith" living inside of us, we can experience deliverance, empowerment, and anything that might otherwise be seen as the "impossible."  However, it is necessary to exercise and loose faith on a daily basis.  So, make a decision to stand in faith and be strong in faith! To live in faith is to live in Christ, who is our "living faith."

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Weekly Thought: “Instruments of Kingdom Service”

We will be in prayer, fasting & consecration from Monday, November 12th through Friday, November 16th declaring our members as "Instruments of Kingdom Service." As children of God we present our bodies as living sacrifices (instruments), holy and acceptable unto God, which is our reasonable service (Romans 12:1). An instrument is merely a means by which something is done, such as a specific or a precision work. God gets His work done when we yield ourselves to Him as "instruments" for His service.  We are agents for Read More

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Weekly Thought: Key to Change

The "Key to Change" is having eyes to "see" the goodness of God. The enemy finds a way to affect our view through spiritual forces that hinder our "spiritual sight." Pray for a clean heart and for the eyes of our understanding to be enlightened to get insight to see the way God sees. A clean heart is necessary for a clear view. A clear view is necessary for change.

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What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up?

This is a very familiar question.  From our youth and continuing into adulthood we often find ourselves wondering what were we put on this earth to do?  As a first step to answering the question, individually one may ask himself some follow- up questions, “What makes me tick, what gives me motivation, and what are my dreams, passions & desires?”  As a part of self-examination when we ponder our individual answers to these questions, we should then ask ourselves would Jesus be found with the Read More

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Bloom Where You’re Planted

Recently I’ve developed a desire to learn how to care for house plants.  I’ve never had a green thumb, so I didn’t want to start out being too ambitious with a plant that required extensive maintenance.  I just wanted something I could easily take care of, watch grow, and enjoy.  Having done my research before going plant shopping, I found out that peace lilies were a good option because of their ability Read More

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Expansion is a good thing.  It’s spreading out, getting bigger, but more than that--it’s a sign.  A sign that says you’ve overtaken, conquered or even dominated your current location to such a degree that there’s nowhere to go but out.  It’s the goal of gas station, grocery store and it’s God’s plan for His church. 

 Before returning to His place in Heaven, the Lord Jesus left this command with the remaining disciples:

 Go ye therefore, and teach all Read More

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